Hi! My name is Corey and I am an author, teacher, and the Director of Marketing at Code School. We were acquired in 2015 by Pluralsight for $36M.

Prior to that, I lead the digital advertising team for a Top 100 ad agency where I worked on projects like selling Walter White's underwear from Breaking Bad.

Other things:

  • I'm fascinated by the intersection of data and marketing.

  • I like working on side projects and learning new things – currently tinkering with UI design and Python.

  • I was born and raised in Orlando, FL and played football for the University of Central Florida.

If there's anything I can help you with feel free to email me or connect with me on Twitter.

current projects

Marketibles - Bite-sized digital marketing tutorials. 10k students.

Google AdWords for Beginners (book) - An introduction to PPC advertising. 15k downloads.

URL Builder - Lightweight tool to tag, shorten, and save URLs for tracking purposes. 1 user (me).